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We believe in helping you help students reach their fullest potential. That's why we've created Choices360. Students can explore careers, colleges and majors, learn about financial aid, find scholarships, and much, much more.

For you, the educator, Choices360 offers a variety of support tools such as in-depth reporting, classroom resources (over 100 lesson plans!), and student messaging - to name just a few!

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Paws In Jobland Resources

Paws in Jobland Webinars:Our Paws in Jobland webinars will take you on a tour through Jobland and show you how Paws inspires students to learn more about themselves and the people in the world of work.

Resources to help you get started:

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Educator Training Options

Basic Choices360 Training is available to all subscribers as a product orientation. We recommend that everyone who will be using Choices360 at your school or district attend an orientation webinar.

  • Choices360 Orientation Webinars - Join us for instructor-led webinars that introduce the Choices360 Student Center and Professional Center. Each session is one hour. There is no cost for these sessions - they are included in your subscription.

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  • Self-Directed - Use our quick reference guides to learn about how to use Choices360 as a professional Icon, or a family Icon.

Advanced Choices360 Training: Take your learning to the next level with training classes that offer an in-depth look at tools and features within Choices360. All classes are taught by a XAP Professional Trainer.

Training classes are available as:

  • Web-based Training Classes (public) - These training classes are pre-scheduled and include participants from all Choices360 schools. You select an available class that works with your schedule. Contact Customer support at 1-800-468-6927 or for the upcoming schedule.

  • Web-based Training Classes (personalized) offer the same in-depth training classes as public webinars PLUS specialty topics that are available as private classes only. Because you select a day and time that is convenient for your staff, private Training Classes are ideal for Professional Development days.

  • Onsite Training Classes offer the same training classes as private webinars in a more personal learning environment. Our professional trainer will join you and up to 25 of your staff in your computer lab. Onsite workshops offer six hours of training that you select from our course catalog.

Advanced training can be purchased by all subscribers and may already be included in your contract. Contact us at 1-800-468-6927 to learn about advanced training options for your school.